To the Core
White Crypt, London | October 2018

With Charlie Godet Thomas, Anna Gonzalez Noguchi, Emily Lazerwitz, Paloma Proudfoot,  Hua Wang, Rafal Zajko

Everything and Nothing
Shelves: Mild steel, perspex, internal LED lighting
Objects (from top):
> 3D printed PLA [Erhart, Mary Magdalene]
> cast concrete panel with inlaid mild steel, 3D printed SLA model of the artist’s hand holding a black Kyanite crystal, 3D printed PLA [Rodin, The Thinker]
> Pewter in 3D printed PLA box, 3D printed PLA [Brancusi, Bird in Space] and Onyx plinth, Pyrite on frosted perspex disc and wired safety glass
> Aragonite cluster crystal, trio of Quickblow fuses, aluminium bottles, concrete tetrahedrons, 3D printed PLA [flint arrow heads, circa 2,500 B.C.] upon a white concrete plinth
110 x 65 x 23 cm

Beginning of the End
Mild steel vitrine with LED lighting and wired safety glass, woodland detritus and organic matter, bismuth crystals, crickets

Forms in Space
Rust and smoke residue on cast concrete panel
23.5 x 16 cm.