The Metallurgical Ouroboros
Gossamer Fog, London | September 2018

The Ouroboros is a symbol that can be found across ancient culture, depicting either a snake or dragon consuming its own tail. It represents the continuous circle of life and the eternal emancipation of living networks and ecosystems; with the dragon being the most primordial symbol representing the class of all predators, mastering fire [destruction] and hording gold [wealth]. The qualities of the animal kingdom have long inspired the design of materials and machines through bio-mimetics, as the materiality of technology is bio/geo-logical and nature is fully intertwined in processes of both its production and consumption. The nature of transmutation sees the technological artifact becoming the philosopher’s stone - the archetypal symbol of alchemy - turning base metals and minerals into a new gold.

With Stephen Cornford, Caroline Jane Harris, Samantha Lee, Rustan Söderling
Part of Deptford X

Eau De Vie
moss from the tomb of Karl Marx growing on cast concrete panel, water pump with 3D printed case, aluminium bottle, tap water, led spotlight, mild steel armature, digital quartic timer

Cast concrete panel, green laser, speaker, polypropylene drum, latex, mirror, mild steel armature, retort stand clamps, amp, MP3 player
80 x 60 x 22 cm.