Everything and Nothing

Shelves: Mild steel, perspex, internal LED lighting
Objects (from top):

> 3D printed PLA [Erhart, Mary Magdalene]
> emulsion on cast concrete panel, 3D printed SLA model of the artist’s hand holding a black Kyanite crystal, 3D printed PLA [Rodin, The Thinker]
> Pewter in 3D printed PLA box, 3D printed PLA [Brancusi, Bird in Space] and Onyx plinth, Pyrite on frosted perspex disc and wired safety glass
> Aragonite cluster crystal, trio of Quickblow fuses, aluminium bottles, concrete tetrahedrons, 3D printed PLA [flint arrow heads, circa 2,500 B.C.] upon a white concrete plinth

110 x 65 x 23 cm.